JAM Stack

The JAM Stack seems fairly new, only being promoted since 2016, and is being pushed by netlify.com, a Content Distribution Network.

Its components are:

  1. JavaScript in the browser
  2. APIs for necessary server-side technology.
  3. Pre-rendered Markdown, basically html and css, rendered offline, and served statically.

RdbHost can be very

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PostgreSQL Upgrade --> 9.6

RdbHost, as you know, is a thin security layer (with some auxiliary services) around the PostgreSQL database. The database has been upgraded to version 9.6.

To see all the feature improvements, study the postgres release notes, but a few that caught my notice were:

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RdbHost supports real-time asynchronous communication between multiple clients to your web-app. The mechanism involves Postgres, as does pretty much everything at RdbHost. That is the RdbHost way.


These real-time aspects rely on Postgres's NOTIFY statement. The NOTIFY statement emits a message on a channel, so all listening Postgres processes

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Rdb2js Update

Version 2.3 is out.

There is one significant addition, the broadcast method.

var pr = req.listen('publik')
            .broadcast('publik', 'Hello World')

The above method would send the message 'Hello World' to all clients registered on the channel 'publik'. It would also have the effect of registering this

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Redesign - continued

We have been upgrading RdbHost's visual design, and improving the user experience in the process. This upgrade is in two phases; the first, which we have blogged about previously, was in improving the public pages, accessible without logging in.

This second phase covers the member pages, those within the /mbr

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