about Heartbleed

Yes, on April 7th, Rdbhost.com was using the broken OpenSSL implementation.

On 8 April, that was corrected, and a couple days ago the private keys were replaced on the server so that that vulnerability is no longer present.

If you have any valuable content in your Rdbhost account, please change your passwords, and also reset your authcode.

Resetting the authcode is done from the Roles Manager page after you login, using the 'Reset Authcode' button in the right margin of the page.

If you are using the Python module, and have the authcode embedded in your scripts, you would need to update that with the new authcode. The Javascript module retrieves the authcode dynamically as necessary, so Javascript apps get the new authcode as requred.

If your app uses OpenID for user logins, your users do not need to revise passwords, as the security of OpenID was not compromised by the Heartbleed exploit.

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