and Backbone.Js too

The Rdbhost platform makes client side web app development super easy, by eliminating the REST server coding requirement altogether. Just write your client app, and put an SQL query inline when you need access to server-side data.

To make development as easy as possible, we provide boilerplate modules, which are a simple app completely coded; you can download it and run it on localhost, see that it works, and evolve the simple app into your own custom application.

Now, we provide a Backbone.Js boilerplate module, to support those of you that prefer the Backbone.js frontend MV* framework.

A copy of all the demo apps are at: , and the Backbone.Js is at . The boilerplate uses Twitter Bootstrap for styling. Remember, the complete app is in the browser, so view-source can see the whole thing.

The whole development process is summarized in my announcement for the Angular Boilerplate module, at: . Please read there.

The security model is documented at: .

Rdbhost itself is at: . I can be reached at: .

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