Bare it or Break it -- Security Bounty

Some people, when they hear about Rdbhost's design, seem to believe that it cannot be secure.

I know that it is secure, and am putting money behind the belief.

If you can demonstrate, using any of the listed apps, the ability to destroy (delete or overwrite) data without authorization or to reveal private data, you can win a bounty of $1,000.
The list includes some clarification on what data would be unambiguously unauthorized to delete or reveal, for each app.

The Crowdcurity bounty program has been running for about 6 weeks, but was just today opened up to non-vetted researchers, so any of you can now claim a vulnerability.

Read both linked pages before placing a claim. Be sure you have met the unambiguous requirements. Do not contact me about the bounty or any other security vulnerability issue other than through the Crowdcurity website.

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