Let's Use SSL

Let's Encrypt, in cooperation with the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF), has been working to offer free SSL/TLS certificates to all. Their goal is to make the entire web a safer, more private place, with as many web connections as possible encrypted.

Through their service, RdbHost now offers free SSL certificate for accounts here, installed and maintained automatically. We have long offered the opportunity to install SSL certificates on accounts, but it was previously up to you to procure the certificate and paste it into the Rdbhost installer. Now the Certificate Management tool, off the Profile page, offers Let's Encrypt certificates as an alternative.

I hope to have it in the setup wizard, soon, as well.

Having SSL/TLS is becoming something expected by users and by search engines. Google and other search engines already give a rating boost to https: sites over non. Mozilla (the maker of Firefox) has reported recently that encryption usage by websites has reached 50% of page loads.


RdbHost Site

Note that Lets Encrypt certificates are Domain Validated only; they certify that the certificate was provided to the owner of the domain. If you need something better, you can get Extended Validation certificates from commercial SSL vendors. The RdbHost Certificate Management tool will provide you a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) for that provider.

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