The blog has been quiet for a while.

I've been working on stuff that doesn't really seem newsworthy, but is important. Among these:

1) The bulk database tool was rewritten to use Asyncio rather than Twisted. The Twisted version worked, and passed its tests reliably, but populated its log files with numerous exceptions that I could never trace. I was comfortable putting it online as a tool you can rely on, but only because the tests passed reliably. It was also difficult to maintain, and attractive new features never got added, because debugging the code was tough.

When Asyncio became available, it seemed a good time to convert, and that is done. In order to complete this, I had to convert some established modules to asyncio. so the whole process took a while. A side effect of the effort is that the open source community now has python packages for asyncio 'requests', asyncio 'botocore', and asyncio 'urllib3'.

2) The server now supports client-account user login through OAuth. Google discontinued support for OpenID2 back in April, so I was forced to upgrade Google Sign-in to the OAuth method. In the process, we gained third-party-logins via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, in addition to Google. There was a fuller blog post on this, where you can read up on that. The JavaScript library was updated and released to support the new OAuth logins.

3) The server now supports WebSockets, so your Html5 application can maintain a durable connection to the server, and get asynchronous notifications from the server without polling. This asynchronous comm feature use PostgreSQL features, and can be integrated into SQL functions readily. This, too, will get a more thorough blog post documentation when the JavaScript library support is updated.

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