Emailing from an RdbHost Account

Emailing is not, strictly speaking, a critical website activity, but it is quite common, and web application builders need a straightforward way to safely send email from web applications.

Email is sometimes subject to abuse by spammers, and a feature to send email should be able to control key aspects

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The RdbHost service, and website, is a few years old and has been redesigned a couple times. As of last week, the current design was done in about 2011 and the color scheme changed in 2013.

Well, over the last few months, I've been working with a designer to revise

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Server-side Bundling and Minification

Some of us continue to do front-end dev without a front-end build system. And even if you are comfortable with your front-end build system, it can be burdensome to do all that for a small project.

Without a front-end build system, tasks like bundling and minifying CSS and JavaScript files

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Charging Credit Cards from your RdbHost app

Credit card payments are important to a wide range of web applications. Examples of how web applications rely on credit cards include:

  •   subscriptions for web services
  •   physical products from shopping carts
  •   donations provides credit card processing services to web applications.

We provide an interface, in

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Reasons.To Conference Elevator Pitch

I had the opportunity in September to speak at this conference, in Brighton England. The three minute pitch was not recorded, unfortunately, but I thought it was a good pitch for the service.

Another attendee did take photos, and I had the slides, so I recreated the presentation for a

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Wizard Update

The wizard has been rebuilt, to streamline the setup process somewhat.

Now, it includes a page to install an SSH key for password-free SFTP logins, and for adding SSL/TLS certificates from Let's Encrypt.

Also included, is the opportunity to add two-factor logins, using your smartphone and Google Authenticater.


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