Ra, ra, ra for the RA stack!

The RA stack is Rdbhost + Angular.

Short and sweet.

What must be on the server is handled by Rdbhost.com, and the rest is Angular and JavaScript.

The API is SQL, with the power and flexibility that that implies. You do not need to rely on some BAAS provider implementing the database interface functionality you need; if SQL does it, Rdbhost.com will provide it for your Angular app. You also do not need to implement a REST server serving the data requested. Just use SQL in your Angular app, and Rdhost will reply with query results.

Your complete app can be in your JavaScript/Angular browser codebase.

There is no software to install, and the configuration requirements are minimal. What few configuration requirements exist, are handled by a wizard on the website. After the wizard, a downloadable boilerplate bundle contains a working app to start with, including a localhost server.


  1. Create rdbhost.com account
  2. Click through wizard
  3. Download and unzip boilerplate
  4. Start localhost server
  5. Verify functionality of bp code
  6. Add dazzlement

We provide an 'rdbhost-angular.js' module that provides the equivalents of the '$http' and '$resource' services, so you can enjoy the handy Angular conveniences without the inconveniences of dealing with superfluous stack layers.

When the app is dazzling, upload it to the rdbhost server for hosting, and rdbhost.com will handle the Ajax Indexing for you, when Google's bots come crawling.

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