Our Python module, Rdbhdb, has been updated very slightly, to version 0.9.8.

We totally removed locking, as it was not necessary and it slowed down concurrent queries.

It is still thread-safe to the cursor level, so that a connection can be used in multiple threads or multiple coroutines, but the cursor should be kept within one thread or coroutine.

There are only three data elements on the connection, and those are now a single tuple, so that accessing the connection configuration is now an atomic operation (a read or an assigment of the tuple). Since it is atomic, no race condition is possible, and locking is superfluous.

Code with 3.3+ specific syntax (yield from) has now been wrapped in an eval, with errors trapped, so the module will now install in versions 2.5+, 3.3, 3.4 without SyntaxError noise from the installer.

The module documentation is online, at:


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