RdbHost on CodePen


Codepen bills itself as 'A front end web development playground', providing an online IDE to experiment in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Pair Codepen with RdbHost, and you can do full stack development! You can load the RdbHost module into your CodePen 'pen', and do database queries from your pen.

I put together an RdbHost Starter pen, and a quick poll type app there, and found no obstacles or special considerations involved in using RdbHost within CodePen.

See the Pen RdbHost Starter by David Keeney (@dkeeney) on CodePen.

A startup sequence is documented in the CodePen Blogpost link below, and a starter template is available through the second link.

Our CodePen Blogpost
Web Dev Poll Question

Create a pen on CodePen with RdbHost starter template

With or without RdbHost, you should give CodePen a try; they provide a very elegant medium for quick web dev projects.

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