The RdbHost Front-end Build System

Many of you (probably most) use a front-end build system in web development.

Build Systems

These build systems usually include a built-in localhost server, with a hot-reload system for interactive development and testing.

A build system would generally also include the ability to 'compile' various other source formats for CSS and JavaScript. A build system might compile SASS or SCSS to CSS, or might compile React JSX to JavaScript.


The newer RdbHost JavaScript boilerplate modules now include a Gulp based build system.

After you download the bundle and unzip it into a working directory, you run yarn to install all the necessary modules. You will need to have installed nodejs/npm first, and can install yarn and gulp from npm, if necessary.

Once the installation is done, gulp serve will serve the app, and load it live in your browser. When you wish to deploy your app to the RdbHost server, you can upload the 'build/dev' directory contents to your account.


gulp build:dist will produce an optimized version of the app for uploading to a static server.

None of this prevents you from copying the client subdir into your own server, or into an alternate build system, as you prefer.


If you already have an RdbHost project, and wish to add this build system, it can be found on Github link. It is a derivative of the Wearedamage static starter.

Static Starter

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